Friday, January 13, 2012

Flash Back Friday's!!

Lucky me! In my search for vintage milk glass slat and pepper shakers in my area I stumbled upon a new thrift store called 2nd Avenue. Apparently it's the storefront used for the Purple Heart charity. Within minutes of entering the store I copped three beautiful vintage dresses. There was a fourth....but I put it back since it had a bit more glitz than I'm used to in daylight hours. Simple day dresses were the goal. Something pretty and light to traipse around in this spring and summer. So here's my haul:

First up is this orange cotton day dress by Sears with matching belt. The fitted waist is really nice. Hides my little buddha belly pretty well.

This blue wrap dress is my favorite by far. I love the  red stitching detail and pockets. The wrap design is very forgiving. Making my waist appear smaller than it actually is. I love it: Think I paid $8.00 for this.

 This purple day dress reminds me of my grandmother! It's made from a lightweight polyester type material. I secretly envision wearing this with nice flip flop. They exist, ya know.
 Am I channeling June Cleaver or what? This number came without a belt so I had to improvise. In the future I'd probably pair it with brighter colors for a little POW! But I could see myself wearing this while window shopping on Main Street in historic Annapolis. Love the pockets!

I'll do a separate write up of the furniture bargains found this week.


  1. Those dresses are amazing! You scored. Now I'm hoping to find something as nearly as awesome here.

  2. I know! I can't wait to wear them this Spring/Summer. Still need to figure out what to do with my hair though??