Friday, September 30, 2011

Janet Collection Halle Wig Review

As you may have guessed I'm fairly new to the wig wearing trend. I've always felt stupid wearing fake hair of any kind. It never occurred to me that the way I could have fun with it. Or that wigs could be used to help grow my TWA out.
This is the 2nd time I've big chopped without a plan for that awkward short stage that doesn't work well with my big head. And the cost of weaves and extensions is cost prohibitive in today's economy. I'm cheap frugal and prefer spending my meager "fun money" on art, crafts, theater, books, etc.  As a result, price and natural appeal were my primary concerns when choosing the units for my small wig collection.

Manufacturer: Janet Collection Wigs
Model: Halle
Vendor: Hair Stop and Shop
Color: FS 4/27
Price: $28.74 (incl shipping)
Natural color with well done highlights.
Highlights are not garish, stripey or brassy.
The human hair is good quality and soft.
Easy to style and curls well with flat iron.
Doesn't wash out my complexion.
Made in a classic style that withstands trends. You can wear this forever.
Price was fantastic! Caught it on sale for $20!
It fits securely on my large head without discomfort.
Lighter colored units are harder to come by no matter the manufacturer. It took several weeks to find this one in just the right color. But I was able to confidently purchase it online.
Overall Halle is an awesome starter wig. It fits wonderfully and looks as if it could have grown out of scalp. The length is comparable to my own growing TWA. So I still feel like ME when I'm wearing it. As you can see in the video the style, cut and color is classy enough to wear with anything.
Honestly, I don't feel like I'm doing the WIG thing when I'm wearing it. And that's a big plus for me.

Novice Wig Wearer Series

Are you  new to the wig game?
Having trouble figuring out what looks good on you?
Do you feel like you're balancing a big, stupid hair hat when wearing wigs and hairpieces?
From one awkward wig wearer to another....this series is for you.
I'll be reviewing my hair purchases as I seek to find a few choice pieces to add to my arsenal. The criteria for each item is as follows:
1. Must look and feel natural. That means only colors that occur in nature. No outlandish or dated styles. And nothing that tries to hard. The last thing I need is to compete with my wig. IT shouldn't be wearing me.
2. Must have believable and reasonable length. I'm sorry....I cannot walk out of the house with 3 feet of additional hair in one day! Though I admire women who switch hair with their moods or outfits I'm far too  conservative. I mean come's weird enough that I'm wearing a foreign object on my head all day. Who wants to discuss their miraculous growth or worse their new wig with casual acquaintances.
3. Must be reasonably priced. If i have to take out a loan or sell a kidney to purchase a wig I'd rather go bald. M'kay? i mean seriously...I could invest the money elsewhere or pay off debt. But I'll be damned if I'm spending obscene amounts of money for the mother of all lace fronts. No ma'am.
4. I should feel like a million bucks wearing it. Otherwise what's the point? It should enhance my beauty and shore up my self esteem. On the days I don't give a damn about my appearance my wig should have me looking presentable in a snap.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not looking for a crutch here. I love my natural hair and enjoy wearing it out often. But there are times when I'm feeling lazy or just want a change of pace. Currently my hair is at an awkwardly short stage. So any thing that helps me grow it out without looking like crap is a godsend.
So stay tuned for my review of the Janet Collection Halle Wig in my next post.

DIY Monogrammed Plate - $3 Foyer Decor

Just did a cute and super cheap craft for our entryway.
Sweet Pea and I took a trip to Joann Fabrics last week for craft supplies and spied a pile of cheap plastic chargers on sale. Now....I know darn well I didn't go there for plates. But I could resist the $1.99 price tag. I chose chocolate brown ( I love me some neutrals!). But they also had a beautiful olive green, burnt orange, deep purple, crimson, gold and silver.
Dang. I should probably buy a few more for later....anyway...
1 charger (or any plain large plate) - $1.99
I wooden initial - $1.00
Two  shades of glitter glue - already had
Modge Podge or Craft Glue - already had
Dust/clean your plate
Apply glue to the back of your letter
Carefully center on your plate
Allow glue to dry for 20 minutes
Evenly apply the first color of glitter glue around the inner edge of the charger/plate.
Evenly apply the second color of glitter glue evenly between the the first color
Apply glue in the same manner on the outside edge of the charger/plate.
Allow glue to set up and dry.