Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Cat Died

I've had my cat Howard for 18 years. He's been my bud for most of my adult life. But he's lived with my mom ever since I had started a family because he hates kids. He thinks they make too much noise.

My mom mentioned he was having trouble eating about a month ago. As the days turned into weeks he stopped eating altogether. And each time I've visited he's refused to come out from under the bed to chat with me.

A few days ago Mama asked if it was OK to have him put to sleep (of course it was). But when the day came we decided it was pointless as Howard's death was imminent yet he was in pretty good spirits. We didn't want him to spend his last moments in a strange place with strange people. It would've scared him. Being home, lying in the sun, seeing and smelling familiarity sounded like a much better way to exit.

Since it's a long weekend my mom and I decided it would be cool if she spent the night here. But when I arrived to pick her up she and I agreed we'd have to take the cat. He looked like a cadaver. Skin and fur hanging from his bones and unfocused eyes.

But he knew I was there! He let me carry him upstairs to the spare bedroom to spend time together. I cried like a baby and he humored me (LOL)! He just laid there letting me hug him, cry and say goodbye. I gave him Reiki to help with his transition. His dying energy was like nothing I've ever felt. Though I could feel his aura about 8 inches above him I felt nothing when I scanned his body. So little life left it was almost imperceptible to me. But near the base of his spine......

The energy pulsed out hard! Pushing against my hand strongly. Strange how his life energy was hanging on by a thread outside his body!! It was amazing. I had to feel it twice to be sure. But it was unmistakable.

After I got myself together we bundled him into the car for the 40 minute drive to my house. Hoping he'd be able to see the resting place we'd chosen for him near our property.

But he didn't make it.

He died in the car while my mother held him. It was kinda beautiful....and peaceful. After he passed I recalled the hot day in 2004 when I picked him up as a kitten to bring him home. Funny how we ended things the same way.

Rest In Peace Howard - mommy loves you!
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  1. This was very sad yet touching to read. I am reaching out to you because I, too, have experienced the painful loss of a longtime pet...our dog, Mickey (doberman/german shepard mix) He died last year on June 11, 2011. My parents and I had him for 15 wonderful years. I wasn't living with my parents at the time, but when my mother called and informed me of what was happening to him, I quickly ran over there (pregnant and all) because I just had to see and spend time with him during his last few hours with us. I cried for about a week but was quickly able to bring myself back down to earth and know that he is gone and no longer suffering. : )
    Sorry to hear about your cat. Some people may say that "they're just animals" but to me, they're definitely a huge part of your family and heart...

    1. Thanks for the comment. Nice to know others get it. I miss my little guy.