Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Probiotic Side Effects - Vivid Dreams

In an effort to improve my health I began taking a couple of supplements a month ago. One of them is a probiotic by Natures Bounty with Targeted Release Delivery. The ingredients are:

Sodium     20mg
Bio-Active Probiotic Complex     126mg
vegetable cellulose, pectin, sodium carbonate,guar gum, turmeric, vegetable stearic acid

Typically I'll take one capsule before bed (when I remember). Without fail I'll have unusually vivid dreams and high recall afterward. I thought I was lucid dreaming for the first couple of weeks. But then I noticed that the best dreams were happening on the nights I took the supplement. So I played around with it and discovered that was the case.

Yesterday I searched online for the term "probiotic dreams" and found a couple of references about it. So yeah, I felt great knowing I wasn't being weird since other people were having similar experiences.

Last night I dreamt about an indigenous white woman who was a teacher. At one point she drew a huge arrow on the ground, disrobed and laid down with legs agape in front of it. With her thoughts she communicated that we enter the world through the womb and exit from the head? In the next scene she constructed a huge sun dial like structure from red stone. It reminded me of a stadium as I could stand in it and see large squares of stone on the sides. Not sure what it was used for.

The next dream seemed to take place in the same time/area. I played football on a huge field with a large group of people. It was a prehistoric superbowl.

In the last dream I watched a gigantic lake being drained like a bathtub. It looked like the grand canyon when it was finally emptied. Then I became a seed that was dropped into steamy primordial goop. I remember thinking I did not want to spend my life in that mess. It looked like poop. But a voice said I had to endure it to seed the earth.

Suffice it to say these aren't normal dreams for me. 

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