Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starting A New Diet - Primal/Paleo Eating

 I've finally decided it's high time to reign in my bad eating habits. Last week I lost my damn mind while on vacation. Apparently I think calories eaten while I'm away don't count. Because I denied myself NOTHING. All the while my tummy is pushing further and further away from my waistband. that mess ain't cute.

Somehow I stumbled on a the Paleo Diet / Primal Eating Diet online. Basically you eat what our ancestors would've eaten before we discovered agriculture. We're talking lots of protein, fats and carbs that can be found in fruits and veggies. Here's the list of sites and articles I read before deciding to pull the trigger:

Mark's Daily Apple

Nerd Fitness

How To Keep Feces Out Of Your Bloodstream
Crazy title for a great article about grains and why we shouldn't eat most of them. Who knew those damn things don't want to be eaten?

Mark Sisson's Definitive Guide To Grains
Another interesting read that will scare the corn out of you.

This is my third day on the diet and I'm feeling pretty good. I have:
More energy
Less belly bloat
Fewer sugar cravings
Practically no gas at all (which is unusual for me)
Significantly less hunger ( before I'd be hungry every couple of hours)

Anyway, here's my first Primal breakfast. Eggs, Lite Sausage, left over broccoli and tea w/honey:

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