Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Gonna Do It - Pole Dancing Class

Well, I've been threatening to work out since the new year began. But today I'm actually gonna do it. I vacillated between a local Zumba class or Pole Dancing but decided on the latter for several reasons:

1. Between my 11 year relationship with hubby and raising 4 kids I've somehow misplace my sexy. I can't find that thing with a magnifying glass. Most days I look like a criminally boring stay at home mom. Which is a shame. Cuz I used to have a magnificent ass and killer figure. Seriously! It's still there under my dingy oversized tshirts and sweats. But it'll take a little effort to dust the booty off and get it back to eye popping status.

2. I need to rediscover the woman in me. Sounds cliche. But sometimes a girl needs to express her sensuality without judgement or unwanted attention. It isn't a sex thing...really. But a woman thing. Letting your hair down and allowing your body to move freely without a care in the world. That's what I want to experience more.

3. My attention jumps from thing to thing. So I figure a room full of people, great music and focusing on NOT busting my ass ought to keep my attention long enough to get a decent workout.

Anywho...gotta leave in 15 minutes. I'm nervous and excited. If all goes well I'll try to do classes twice a week. Maybe I can find a used Zumba Fitness game at Game Stop on the way home to add to my small but growing collection. If all else fails I fall back on my Power 90 DVD's to supplement class.


Sunday, February 5, 2012