Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 2012 Natural Hair Update

My hair and I are getting along much better these days. I'm listening to her now and we're finally starting to see serious retention. Mainly because I've finally acknowledge the primary issue I face: Over-manipulation.

It has been the bane of my HHJ all these years. I simply cannot jump on every bandwagon that comes along without suffering a setback of some sort. My hair just wants to be left alone. To that end I'm currently employing protective hairstyles that last a week or more. I've also done a mini chop to rid myself of those unsightly damaged ends. Here's a pic of my blown out hair with a self trim:

Here's another pic with most of my hair hidden under a scarf and a twist out bang:

Braids without extensions (before my trim):

This weeks hairstyle - stretched twists with Kimmaytube Leave In:

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